Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PS3 Best Blu-ray Player Available?

According to Mercurynews.com, Sony's Playstation 3 is the best Blu-ray player on the market. Why is that? Read the following quote,
"The numbers refer to Blu-ray "profiles." There are three Blu-ray profiles: 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0.

Profile 1.0 or "grace period" profile Blu-ray players simply play the movie and start around $399. They tend to be kind of slow and there have been some player and software compatibility issues, which are two reasons I don't recommend them, especially when there is a far superior alternative available for the same $399. All of the stand-alone players on the market now (save one) are Profile 1.0.

Profile 1.1 or "Bonus View" players play the movie and add a secondary video decoder for picture-in-picture special features. There is only one Profile 1.1 model available, a $499 Panasonic. More will be coming later this year, priced from $349 and up. The Sony PlayStation 3 supports Profile 1.1 now and is available for $399.

Profile 2.0 or "BD-Live" players will play the movie, support Bonus View and add an Internet connection for Web interactive content and firmware updates. The Profile 2.0 standard is not fully developed and is expected to launch sometime in 2008. The PlayStation 3 will support BD-Live via a firmware update when Profile 2.0 is launched.

The obvious message here is: if you want a Blu-ray player, get a PlayStation 3! It is the fastest, most reliable Blu-ray player available, can be updated to Profile 2.0, and is priced the same as an entry-level Profile 1.0 player."

This is certainly great news for Sony. You would think they would be advertising this as much as their games. If Nintendo can capitalize on the casual gamer, why shouldn't Sony do the same with movie enthusiasts? Start advertising the PS3 as a Blu-ray player in as many audio and visual magazines as possible. Once these people get on board, they might even decide to try a game or two.

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Anonymous said...

Let's remind it's already 1.1 compliant and will be 2.0 tru firmware update, as it got 1080p@24 capability and upscaling capability for dvd content...