Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everybody Votes Channel

Yesterday (Feb. 14th), Nintendo released the Everybody Votes Channel. Their description of the channel didn't make it sound very compelling; vote on random topics. Yippee. However, once you get into the channel and see what exactly Nintendo is doing, it becomes more interesting.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Nintendo sends out regional questions to vote on. Twice a month, global questions are added. The fun part is that up to 6 people can participate. Each person uses their Mii to cast their votes. Once you vote, you are then asked to guess what most people voted for. As time goes by, all your answers are tracked and you can see how your voting compares to others in your region or around the world. There is also a competition between each family member. You get to see who guessed correctly on what most people guessed for each question in your particular region and even worldwide.

While this new channel isn't going to wow many people, Nintendo's purpose is clear. They are trying to get the entire family together while using the Wii. And I think they have succeeded with this channel.