Wednesday, August 08, 2007

GBA Twist Coming To Life?

In my blog on May 16th of this year, I wondered out loud if Nintendo should keep the GBA alive. And by keeping it alive, I meant adding a gyro sensor that is built-in to the system. This would certainly set it apart from the DS.

Recently, posted an article here about a patent Nintendo has applied for. It would add motion controls to a handheld system as well as connecting it to a console system.

Everyone seems to be assuming this means a new DS with motion controls. But maybe, just maybe, Nintendo has something else in store for us. It seems early in the DS lifespan for Nintendo to be tossing it aside for a brand new DS that will play games not capable of running on the original DS platform. But it would make sense to re-invent the "third pillar" (GBA) by adding some sort of motion control.

It would give Nintendo two unique handheld systems, each worthy of purchasing alongside the Wii.