Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mii Channel: A Surprise Hit!

During Thanksgiving, we had the Wii going the entire day. Everyone was playing: gamers and non-gamers. People loved bowling and tennis. And had a lot of fun with boxing. But what captured people's imagination as much as anything was the Mii Channel. When the rest of the family saw the Miis we had already created, they were eager to do their own. Boxing is cool, but when you are pummeling a cartoon version of a family member, it becomes so much more fun!

Nintendo definitely has a hit on it's hands with the Mii Channel. Let's hope Nintendo is already preparing an update to the Mii Channel that will provide much more variation. To date, my wife has logged in more Mii time than Wii time. And I'm guessing a lot other have as well.

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